Routes à la carte

We make custom routes in gironatransfer. You just have to give us a little information on the type of visitors you want to do and the necessary logistical parameters (duration, motivation and interest) and we will prepare customized routes that will show the wonders of our country. We are experts in showing the best of our culture, history and cuisine of Catalonia. So we have official guides and  R.A.S.G.O official guides because we want that your travels be as well documented as possible. If you do not know where to start, we suggest you look at our suggested routes. They are walking in the province of Girona and Barcelona and will show you the best of Catalonia can offer. Anyway, they are just exemples. If you are interested in any particular location within or outside the province of Girona or Barcelona, ​​we can also advise and suggest spectacular destinations.

If you do not have housing for our routes, we remind you that both Barcelona and Girona offer is very diverse and varied. We can find everything from luxury hotels to 5 stars cheap hostels and pensions. For more guided tours please click here.

Do not hesitate: Contact us for more information.

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